9 New Farrow & Ball Colors

9 New Farrow & Ball Colors

There’s something about the fall that gets me in mood to nest and make a few changes to the house before the busy holiday season kicks in. And one of the easiest ways to make a big impact is with a can of paint or two. Take a look at the new paint line-up from Farrow & Ball; these beauties are just jaw dropping!

Above: Somewhere between the color of gray stone and sand, Jitney No. 293 is enveloping and warm.


Rangwali No. 296 evokes a summer plum sorbet; brought indoors it enlivens with its cheerful roseyness.

Bancha No. 298 was named after a Japanese tea and seems to similarly nourish (at least visually) with its verdant, yet muted version of green.


Dark interiors are still in. Paean Black No. 294 has a red base that adds warmth, making it the perfect complement to other warm ingredients, esp. wood tones.


This color may have the best name of all: Sulking Room Pink, No. 295. I can just imagine a Pre-Raphaelite-era painting of a Victorian young woman awaiting the arrival of hoped-for love letter (Sigh!). It’s a soft, muted rose that would make anyone’s skin look phenomenal btw…


Whether used in a modern home or traditional, this is a color that conveys great character: Preference Red No. 297.


De Nimes No. 299 is a dark blue that doesn’t make you think blue at all. It’s sophisticated and deep, like a dark-bottomed swimming pool and equally tempting.


Can green be a neutral? Perhaps this one is: Treron No. 292.


And finally, an off-white shade that works even in rooms with low light, School House White No. 291. How great would a vintage pull-down world map look against this shade?

Are you tempted to embark on a fall paint project? Which color would you choose? Let’s chat below in the comments section…

(Images: Farrow & Ball)

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