Veined Marble--The 2018 Trend That's Leaving Me Smitten

Veined Marble--The 2018 Trend That's Leaving Me Smitten

Traditional white marble has definitely been the darling trend for a few years now, but what's really capturing my eye of late is the use of even bolder varieties of marble featuring deep veins in even larger scales that really takes using it from classic to something completly modern. Here are a few gorgeous examples of this look (and not all are necessarily pure marble!):

Grainy, bold, magnificent...this kitchen (above) makes a statement made of contrasts of dark and light with accents of metallic & glass to entice one up to that countertop for a drip coffee and some time alone with the morning newspaper.

vintage luxe.jpg

Although the veining in this marble is more a classic soft gray, its scale is large which gives this kitchen a contemporary look. I especially love how tthe designer of this space balances the cool stone with the warm tones of the wood counter, hammered brass lights, and abstract painting.

Notting hill.jpg

Love this minimalist kitchen where the waterfall marble island has a touch of rust mixed into its veining. It looks like a block of freshly quarried stone deposited right into that space.

WArm grain.jpg

Of course this look doesn't have to be all light and bright. This example shows how it works perfectly well with dark walls, enrichened by the golden veining in the stone matched perfectly with that eviable brass sink.


This is snother delicious mix of a swirling veined marble and brass--check out that porthole mirror in this bathroom!

grainy bath.jpg

If you haven't seen the use of veiny marble in actress Mandy Moore's midcentury home renovation here in L.A. (bath and kitchen), check it out. How smart looking is this floating vanity?

wall marble.jpg

Is it backsplash or is it art? Perhaps that's what's captivating me so much about this trend--designed well, the right kind of marble can look like a fantastic work of abstract art as seen in this space (and yet no big deal should the opening of that bottle of champagne go wrong...).

pink marble.jpg

And what's probably the most affordable way to incoporate the look of veined marble into your home is through wallpaper. There are so many examples out there--who can resist this tribute to pink? 

Are you on board with this trend or more of a "marble traditionalist?" Share your thoughts below--I'd love to know!

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