5 Happy Things--Iris Apfel & More!

5 Happy Things--Iris Apfel & More!

March may be wrapping up soon, but there certainly has been a lot going on to delight and amuse:

1. Iris Apfel Immortalized as a Barbie Version of Herself!

Apfel is probably the most famous fashionista of all--the former head of a textile empire and current runway darling known for her trademark oversized glasses and incredible layered jewelry adorning outfits that show she's not afraid of color, pattern, or just being yourself. Now at the age of 96, she's now an author with her memoir, Accidental Icon, and to honor her, Mattel created an "Iris" Barbie (too bad they aren't for sale--honorary only. Image via). Fun!


2. The Enduring Friendship Between Givency and Audrey Hepburn

Although the world lost one of France's most famous fashion design icons, it's the photos that have emerged of his long career, particularly connected to outfitting the exquisite Audrey Hepburn, that show his remarkable talent, and how warm their relationship really was.


3. The Neighborly Gifts of Fred Rogers

I'm looking forward to this documentary so much! As one of my first childhood television heros, I'm glad to know how enduring his gentle advice and lessons have been.

Done book.jpg

4. Done is Better Than Perfect

Looking forward to reading this and finding happiness in not being a Super Mom...

banksy rat.jpg

5.  Banksy in NYC!

To give folks a little something new to notice in all that winter Nor'easter white, the iconic street artist Banksy added his classic rat to a clockface on a former bank building slated for demolition. A reference to the proverbial workplace rat race? The artist didn't leave any explanation (and it's since been removed). (Image via the artist's Instagram account--check it out!)

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